We use some of the finest cloth from Thomas Mason, we have created a truly unique collection of over 140 shirt fabrics. Fine twill, twill, poplin, oxford, royal oxford, stretch, herringbone, dobby, knit, giro inglese, denim, gingham checks. Also In thread counts ranging from 70/2 up to 140/2. In whites, blues, blacks, pinks and purples. Everything you need and always in stock.

The collar is attached by hand for optimum placement of the collar and stand in relation to the body of the shirt. Buttons are shanked we raise the buttons using a Handmade shank which gives the shirt a more attractive closure. An extra benefit is that this method of attachment is sturdier making the buttons less likely to fall off.

Handmade pleats to increase the shirts mobility and comfort. The pleating also gives the shirt a more luxurious and exclusive appeal. Attaching of the sleeve is by hand to ensure that the fabric is distributed evenly, and makes the seam a flat as possible along with the shoulder seam this gives a luxurious feel than a shirt that's made with a machine.

Cuffs are a single one-button closure this allows the cuff to be worn in two ways, either as a barrel or normal or French cuff. Cuff attachment is by hand using pleats result in a better feel of the fabric around the wrist, in comparison to a three-pleats standard cuff.

Rolled hem are a fine rolled hem is fastened on the inside of the shirt by hand. This gives a more elegant appearance, since the attachment of the hem is less visible on the outside of the shirt. The narrower the hem, the more complicated and expensive the making of the shirt.

Stripes & Checks

Made in all weaves, stripes have the potential to give any shirt a more professional look. Generally speaking, a striped twill is classic, a striped oxford trendy and stripes in poplin are sharp and crisp. The following images are a sample of the various stripes & checks in the 'Whites & Blues' collection: the hairline stripe is our finest stripe, a Bengal is characterized by stripes of equal width, a check that's the same on all sides is called a gingham and a glen is its own unique variation popularized by a former Prince of Wales.


The 'Luxury' bunch is an exclusive compilation of fabrics made from very fine yarn, namely 120/2 and 140/2. Such fabrics are so select they can only be made from original 'Giza' cotton. Cultivated near the Nile due to its perfect climatic conditions, Giza Cotton is the best Egyptian cotton in the world. Thanks to the fibre's extra-long staple length, this cotton exhibits superior strength, can be spun into exceptionally uniform strands and is used to make the finest yarn available. Needless to say, these fabrics are extraordinarily soft and silky. On top of it all, this unique strain of cotton creates a radiant and luminous white that remains brilliant even after frequent laundering.

Yarn Number

The yarn number represents the fineness of the yarn used for weaving the fabric. The finer the yarn, the higher the number, requiring greater technology in production and higher quality cotton.

The finest yarns can only be crafted from cotton fibres with a long and good quality staple length. The 100/2 is the most common yarn used in our 'Whites & Blues' collection, with 20/1, our denim shirting fabric, as the heaviest and 140/2, found In our 'Luxury' bunch, as the finest.


By twisting 2 yarns together, a higher quality so called '2-ply' is realized. This 2-ply yarn Gives a fabric more stability, volume and durability and is superior to a single ply. Most of the yarn used in our 'Whites & Blues' collection is 2-ply.


You can recognize a twill fabric by its parallel diagonal rib texture. Twills tend to be heavier than poplin, giving more body and warmth and allowing for greater ease when ironing. With a smooth and elegant feel, a twill creates an easy, everyday shirt suitable for any formal occasion.

Dobby Twill

A twill with more relief in the diagonal rib than a regular twill. Fine twill with a thinner diagonal rib and a tighter weave, a fine twill provides a more elegant look than its standard counterpart.


A twist on standard twill, the diagonal ribs of this 'broken' twill fabric are aligned to create a zigzag pattern.

Fine herringbone

More subtle than a standard herringbone, this fine twill is both professional and sharp.


Made of cotton, the satin weave resembles silk due to its smooth, soft and shiny surface. A satin is most commonly used for ceremonial and eveningwear. Satin piquet Rich and densely woven, this fabric is recommended for formal occasions.


Both sturdy and breathable, a poplin is generally the lightest and most compact of all weaves. While poplin is less easy to iron than other weave structures, it's a soft and smooth fabric with a lustrous sheen, perfect for a spring touch and a classic look. Poplin fil-à-fil A variation on standard poplin, the discrete use of multiple yarn Colours gives the fabric a 'micro-structure' effect.


The oxford weave is warmer than a poplin, yet cooler than a twill. Perfect for a more casual sportive look. An oxford is not only a more casual shirting fabric than a poplin, it is also able to withstand more abuse. An oxford gets softer and more life to it with use.

Oxford Pinpoint

A finer variation, the pinpoint is dressier than the regular oxford and less formal than a standard poplin.

Royal Oxford

Soft, shiny and with a distinctive texture, the royal oxford is heavier than the normal oxford and often used for flashy dress shirts.

Oxford Chambray

More suited for casual wear than dress, the oxford chambray's soft colour-shading creates a unique, faded look.

Basket Weave

Heavier than a standard oxford, the basket weave is the result of multiple weft threads crossed over an equal number of warp threads.

Dobby Weave

With a glossy sheen and an air of luxury, the complex dobby weave hints at a geometric pattern. A fabric often used for ceremonial and eveningwear.

Dobby Satin

A shiny, structured fabric, perfect for eveningwear. Dobby check A check with textured relief, a result of the dobby weave's structure.


This bunch consists of casual and easy-to-wear fabrics. Stretch For a shirt with more stretch and comfort, some of these fabrics contain a percentage of Lycra.


We use 'Zephir' linen, the best European linen on the market, cultivated in Normandy. Combine its optimal breathability with the casual radiance caused by its tendency to wrinkle and you've got yourself the perfect summer shirt.

Zephir Chambray

'Irregular' yarn gives this 100% cotton fabric a linen look without excessive wrinkling.

"Handmade pleats to increase the shirts mobility and comfort. The pleating also gives the shirt a more luxurious and exclusive appeal..."

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