Handmade by our artisan craftsmen and constructed in Italy by the finest master tailors in our small Atelier house based in Naples.

The high-level craftsmanship of Neapolitan tailoring really speaks for itself. With such details that are often overlooked by others, are fashioned with great care and attention.

Every seam is made by hand, even patch pockets are exclusively stitched and attached by hand. Never fused, only 100% natural, Italian materials are used in the making of these one off garments.

With a single suit resulting in more than 30 hours of work, everything from pattern drafting to cutting and construction is done by hand. In fact, having completely eliminated the use of pressing machines means that more than three hours of care are put into pressing alone. We use the same principles from generations of experience working with the scissors and needle and thread to give you an exclusive hand finished garment.

It truly is an experience with Milanese lapels to give a natural role to buttons hole by hand, armhole, padding and roping of the shoulder are prepared, trimmed and sewn by hand. All the lining is attached by hand in fact all inside seams are closed by hand. We don't use any fusing anywhere in the making of the jacket and trousers.

Only the best Natural materiel is used such as Horsehair, canvas, cotton and 100% Bemberg linings we even use a technique of "French uneven seams or hidden pipe seam are all used for inseams of the unlined jacket. All our fabrics are made in the Biella region in North Italy. Where centuries of cloth merchants such as Vitale Barberis Canonico, Lora Piana, Drago, Zegna are creating only the finest cloths in the world. We only use the best of raw materials with unparalleled experience and creativity to guarantee the finest for your handmade garment.

It is 100% pure sartorial tailoring, which will conform to the body like a well-worn pair of jeans. It is not only full of life and character, but also guarantees the ultimate in comfort and fit.


The Made in England process is the same way we make in Italy except we would have 2/3 fittings in the heart of our London showroom. The pattern is created at our London studios onto paper and then applied to the cloth, after this we then strike out the pattern with chalk onto the chosen cloth making it your very own personally unique pattern.

We then hand cut to ensure the patterns of the cloth, the pinstripes and the glen checks match up correctly. Then we are ready for the first fitting which will be a basted structure of just the cloth assembled with white thread to hold on place while we look at the drape onto the body.

After the first fitting we then make adjustments are then made at our cutting room, and at the same time we tweak the pattern to give the it the shape that is needed.

The making of this takes 8-10 weeks. Prices start from £1895 depending on the choice of cloth.

“Oliver Littley has been amazing to work with,
he took me through a thorough preparation
of the styling and design process”

Desmond Ledgister – Presence Security Managing Director

Hand-rolled and hand-stitched back of the collar. The collar itself is 100% handmade with canvas inside to ensure an appropriate shape and adequate stiffness.

Buttonholes made by hand on the sleeves. All buttons are attached by hand.

A handmade 'Milanese' buttonhole on the lapel. Trimming both the peak and front edge of the lapel by hand guarantees the perfect shape while eliminating the need for fusing.

Fully hand-stitched sleeve vents.

The lining is attached by hand at the shoulders, collar, sleeves, jacket hem and armholes.

All pocket edges are reinforced by hand.

The armhole, padding and roping of the shoulder are prepared, trimmed and sewn by hand.

The detail that says it all: the internal canvas is attached to the outer fabric by hand. A truly sartorial method of construction rarely seen in modern-day production.

The label says it all...

The pick stitching is done by hand throughout the entire jacket. Easily recognizable by the imperfection of the stitches, we use nearly 5 meters of pure silk thread for the single and twice as many for the 'Doppio Impuntura'.

Monogram sewn by hand using 100% silk gold thread.

Pick stitches on all seams: back seam, back seam of sleeve, center back seam, shoulder seams, etc.

Rounded 'barchetta' chest pocket with 'Doppio Impuntura'.

A very rare, true artisan detail: the uneven closed pipe or French inseams in the unlined jacket.

Double knot, handmade buttonhole on the front of the jacket. All buttonholes on the jacket are made with double knots, using a total of approx. 12 meters of the finest 100% silk thread.