Majority of our fabrics are made in the Biella region of Northern Italy where for centuries companies like Vitale Barberis Canonico, Lora Piana, Drago, Zegna and many more source their cloth from this region as they are the best cloths in the World.

We also have some of the best cloths from Holland & Sherry, Harrisons, Dugdale Bros & Co of Huddersfield, Charles Clayton, Yorkshire Textiles and Bateman Ogden.

The use of raw materials, continuous innovation, and unparalleled experience and creativity guarantee the finest.

Our Wool Linen Mohair collection in a 230-gram fabric with a lot of personality and life is Perfect for Weddings and hot climates.

Mohair with 35% or 60% finest Kid Mohair. The high percentage of this luxury material gives the cloth a beautiful rich shine with a pleasing cool-dry and lively handle. Mohair is not a soft yarn, when compared with alpaca or cashmere, or wools that have been treated and blended with other fiber’s to enhance softness. On the other hand, mohair is good for certain events and especially Weddings because of its unique characteristics.

“the ideal cloth for the ultimate travel suit…”

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The lining is only the finest we choose and from companies such as Bernstein & Banleys and Lear Browne & Dunsford.

Bemberg lining breathes better than the normal viscose lining which is found in many of the off the rack suits in retail stores.

“At Oliver Littley we only choose the best…”

Bemberg benefits the jacket as It has an anti-cling and resists wrinkles and wears well into the jacket. It has a more soft and silk feel to it creating that luxury feeling. Please ask for more info at the consultation

“blended with other fibre's to enhance softness…”

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Barbera S130 Doppio

The 130's yarn in the warp and weft has been double twisted in a manner and sequence that is one of the very well kept secrets of Carlo Barbera. Having been developed early in the mills history and continually refined over the years.

Add to that exceptionally uniform fibre length and character and the result is a fabric with a wonderful handle and feel, draping to the tailors craft.

Durable, resilient and luxurious. Your guaranteed a masterful garment designed to retain its elegance over the duration of its use.

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