Fine Tailoring
in London

Oliver Littley is bringing a "New Bespoke Movement" which will alter the way clients meet their clothing requirements.

Fitting clients at his studio or visiting them in their office or their own environment at home, where he will introduce them to a wide range of fabric choices that are available from many of the showrooms of Savile Row.

At Oliver Littley we will help clients choose what works best for them, and obtain the most out of their garment of choice, be it made to measure or bespoke. The advice will help create the perfect wardrobe for any occasion.

Oliver Littley believes in diversity in tailoring, twisting colour and shape, to bring a new sense of style to the bespoke suit and tailoring itself.

Oliver Littley Draws his inspiration from great legends of tailoring such as Timothy Everest, Doug Heyward and especially Edwin Hardy Amies, whose book, The ABC of men’s fashion inspired him to work in the world of tailoring.

“Oliver Littley, is distinctive, quirky and an individual who doesn't follow the trend of other tailors.”

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“Huge thanks to Oliver
Littley for an amazing
job on my Italian suit...
It's an absolute beauty”

Calum Best

Calum Best suit from Oliver Littley